Commercial Roofing

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The Conklin Roofing company acknowledges that a roof is a long-term investment for a company, not just another expense. Their unique design and materials have made Conklin Roofing Systems leaders in the commercial roofing market for over 30 years. Conklin Roofing Systems are constructed in all one piece so no seams exist to eventually allow the elements to slip through the seams. Conklin roof coatings are still ahead of industry standards, according to Wengerd, for technology, performance, and environmental responsibility.

In the 1970’s hot tar roofs were the standard for commercial buildings. Conklin began installing white acrylic roofs which reflected heat and UV rays for more comfortable interiors, reduced air conditioning costs, and increased energy efficiency. Most importantly today, when we’re concerned about the disposal costs of materials, MNW Construction offers roof recoating. The recoating process allows the original roofing structure to remain intact which saves time, labor, disposal and landfill costs over the option of replacement. There is no need to tear off the existing roofing structure when MNW Construction can apply a Conklin Roofing System over it to seal and protect from the elements and reflect the sun’s heat.

Our SPF (Spray Polyurethane Closed Cell Foam) is our most energy efficient roof system providing an R Value of 6.5 at 1 inch if foam & it applies at 2 ounces per square foot.